How to Skip the Mundane on Valentine’s Day

Each year, my husband and I try to outdo each other with Valentine’s Day gifts that are far from ordinary.  After twenty years of marriage, there’s not a rose or piece of chocolate I enjoy as much as I do the whacky and wonderful ideas he comes up with and the things he buys me to show me how much he cares.  I’ve received fishing rods and reels and a fishing hat with lures on it.  I’ve been serenaded by a Barbershop Quartet.  I’ve done yoga with goats and picked my own flowers. He also surprised me with fine jewelries, which you can also get from sites like For him, I’ve boxed a kangaroo at the petting zoo, make him a giant pair of furry mittens, streaked past his mother (who’s legally blind, by the way) and plan to show up at his office this year with a box of ammunition from Brownell’s.  His reaction to my crazy gifts over the years have varied from extreme laughter to sheer embarrassment.  He loved the streaking, by the way.  In fact, it was a dare from him.  When you’ve been married as long as we have, hearts and flowers become mundane.  Especially if he’s too cheap to buy really nice ones.

This all started in part because I told him I would prefer anything, and I mean anything to those cheap roses that come in the do-it-yourself box with a little four-pack of sweating chocolates on the side.  Since then, he’s tested my resolve and the results remain the same.  No matter how crazy the gift, I still love him. But I really appreciate the super sweet date that we had. It was the most unique and romantic date ever and he said he learned it from this date night ideas toronto here! However, if you’re feeling adventurous and looking to meet a perfect girl, go on searching and see if you can find someone from this Nashville dating directory.

One of the reasons I’m getting him a box of ammo this year is not because it’s crazy that he’d want it, but it’s a hint of what’s to come.  Last year he lost hid Dad, a man he idolized his whole life.  They shared a special bond and loved to hunt and fish together.  When I saw a brownells coupon from Groupon Coupons, I knew just what to do to lift his spirits.  I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he unwraps my gift to him this year, a heart shaped chocolate box with a gift from Brownell’s inside.

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