What You Should Know About a Tummy Tuck

These days, there are seemingly countless medical procedures designed to improve the way we look so we can enjoy greater self-confidence. But with so many procedures available, the exact details of which surgeries are available and what they can accomplish can sometimes be confusing to those considering enhancing their physical appearance. Tummy tuck in Montreal is an easy surgery, but by fully understanding just what it does, you can determine if it is right for you.


What Happens During a Tummy Tuck?

Officially known as abdominoplasty, tummy tuck refers to a procedure designed to eliminate a loose or sagging abdomen. The procedure specifically targets excess skin (including stretch marks), while also taking steps to tighten abdominal muscles that have become weakened, or even been separated. The result is a slimmer, more toned abdominal region — the flat stomach that is desired by so many.


Liposuction is frequently performed in conjunction with a tummy tuck to remove excess fat from the “love handles” area. Because the surgery affects the entire stomach, it usually leaves a scar that extends across the entire abdomen. However, the scar is typically made in an area that would be covered by a bikini or underwear. A smaller, less visible scar is also left near the belly button.


Who Should Consider This Procedure?

A tummy tuck is most commonly performed after a woman has given birth. This is because the pregnancy can result in excess skin and stretch marks that create the sagging appearance. Individuals who have recently undergone a major weight loss often experience similar side effects, which makes them key candidates for this procedure as well. However, a tummy tuck can also address a sagging stomach that is the result of aging, hereditary issues, or even a previous surgery.


The rounded stomach that occurs in most women who have had any of these experiences isn’t always something that they feel needs to be addressed. But for many, this change to their appearance can be a cause of emotional stress when they no longer feel attractive or don’t feel comfortable wearing the clothing they once did. For women who are concerned about how physical changes have affected their appearance, a tummy tuck can go a long way in restoring their confidence.



A tummy tuck isn’t for everyone — and it isn’t a way for you to bypass healthy exercise or dieting if you need to lose weight. However, by addressing a loose or sagging abdomen, this surgery can help certain individuals achieve a slimmer, fitter look so they can feel better about themselves.

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