How to Best “Treat Yourself” During a Week in Montreal

Montreal is one of the best cities to visit in North America. It has culture, architecture, food, and just a wonderful European, yet Canadian, vibe that visitors and residents alike value. It’s also seen as an affordable alternative to destinations like Paris or even Brooklyn where you will spend more on hotels and meals in a week than you would at home for months. That’s why it’s the ideal place to have a “treat yourself” trip, that’s all about pampering yourself and feeling good.


Here’s what you should add to your Montreal agenda if you are really looking to show yourself some love:


Get a Nice Room


Unlike what you would find in other large cities like New York or London, Montreal has relatively affordable hotels and apartments, something that will fit every budget while still allowing you to feel luxurious. From small boutique hotels to larger chains with classy lobbies, this is your chance to sleep in a bed that you don’t have to make up and forget about the need to do laundry!


Whiten Your Teeth


Find an expert in teeth whitening in Montreal and book an appointment early in your trip. The dentist will likely need to do a consultation and order a custom tray for your cosmetic dentistry treatment. Some people can be a little weary or nervous around the concept of dental surgery, as it does seem to imply serious connotations. More often than not these will be rather routine procedures, and with anesthesia not even pain is a concern, so don’t let that worry you or even worse, dissuade you.

Later in your trip you can return for your in-clinic bleaching and take the rest of your teeth whitening supplies with you to continue the process throughout your trip and back home. Then shine those pearly whites at everyone you see because you look great! You can read the article here to learn more on taking care of your teeth.


Hit the Spa


Montreal is a big city with many spas and skin care clinics, all specializing in their own little enclave. Do some research before you go and spend a morning or afternoon at the spa, relieving the tension that you gather day to day and rejuvenating your body, you may visit in Encino, CA for best preferences. Be advised that some of the treatments might require consultations in advance, so if you are especially keen on something, call in advance and get some details.


Eat Gourmet


When in comes to food, Montreal has it all. Delicious street food, amazing bakeries, and top fine dining spots. Try it all! We are sure that between the white teeth and glowing skin, people won’t be able to tell that you had poutine every day!


Shop ’til You Drop


Montreal is the fashion capital of Canada, no matter what Torontonians may say. Many Canadian designers have their studios here and there is still a thriving garment district where things are actually made, not just designed here and made abroad. Of course, you’ll also find other fun clothing brands here, as well as an assortment of home decor boutiques, specialty shops and coffee shops like Pick and Brew to keep your energy levels up as you shop.


Take in Some Culture


Enjoy a relaxing few hours in the presence of something great-whether you’re out looking at some of the amazing views from Mont Royal or in one of the world-class galleries or museums. Just soak up the grandeur and the sense of accomplishment that comes with doing something good for your brain.


Go Dancing


Montreal is a party city. Here, it’s not just an activity for those in their early 20’s. Clubbing and going out for drinks in the evening is something that people of many different life stages enjoy. Once you know the vibe you are looking for, ask at the hotel desk if there’s a place that they could recommend with the feel that you want.



Montreal is truly the place to ‘treat yourself’ due to the exotic yet familiar feel of the city along with the range of activities that it provides. Book your trip now and get ready for some self-love and pampering!

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