What’s Going on in Physician Recruitment? Quick Facts You Should Know

Physicians have always been in high demand, and this is particularly true in areas where the population is high but there is a noticeable lack of medical specialists. There is now actually a shortage of physicians, and the demand for physicians is predicted to rise by up to 17% by the year 2025. If you are looking for a physician or a doctor of nursing practitioner for your organization, the competition can be fierce. So, what’s going on in physician recruitment? Here are some quick facts you should know.

Physicians are going mobile

Studies have shown that more than two-thirds of doctors today are more mobile, which means that they tend to browse the Internet and check their social media accounts for career opportunities. About 45% of physicians access the Internet and look for jobs and openings through their mobile phones. They even utilize different strategies in digital marketing for doctors to increase their web presence, you can hire a designer to make your website looking nice an clean for the costumers, I recommend the web design in manchester professional. You can also look for a professional in orm, the expert Andrew Defrancesco can help you out.

This bodes well for you if you are looking for a physician since there are physician recruiter firms like https://mascmedical.com which are quite active on the Internet where more physicians can get to know their services. In other words, if you want to have a better chance of finding the right physician, it’s best to go online rather than advertise using traditional media, the option of hiring a Web Design professional is always an option.

More opportunities for remote work

More physicians today are also engaging in what is referred to as ‘telemedicine’ where they don’t have to physically check a patient before coming up with a diagnosis. With telemedicine, physicians have the opportunity to work remotely and don’t have to uproot themselves to find a job. If you’re a fresh graduate or someone with a health degree, you can check out Houston Physicians Hospital Jobs to get an idea and what jobs are open for hiring.

A renewed focus on physician retention

Organizations are also becoming more focused on retention. These organizations are concerned about the turnover rate and are confronting workplace intolerance to encourage retention. For instance, organizations are putting more emphasis on hiring physicians who are the right fit for their particular workplace culture or environment, and organizations are also coming up with more robust programs when it comes to mentorship to encourage physicians to stay.

The best time to find a physician

There are recruiter firms especially designed for physicians, and more and more physicians are signing up at these firms. But according to studies, one of the best times to find a physician would be in January, as this is often the period when more physicians check for jobs or are more open to career changes.

Other facts

If you are looking for a primary care physician, you would be better off looking for physicians who have had more experience. Not many new graduates are going into primary care because the payout for other specializations are more competitive.

As an employer, it would also do you well to offer more incentives, such as sign up bonuses, unlimited medical supplies or relocation assistance. Even if the base salary you are offering is not too high, these incentives can encourage physicians to jump on board.

It is also vital to some background checks for a faster, safer, and smarter hiring decisions, just sneak a peek at these guys for details. With the right physician recruitment services and firms working with you, your search for the ideal candidate to fill your vacancy will be fast, efficient, and productive! 

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