The Worst Footwear for Ladies

The most loved shoes of women can be the worst shoes for their feet. Some of the worst footwear for ladies are already named by foot experts which include stilettos, pumps and flats. Let’s find out how these attires for feet can cause problems.


Flip-flops. Unbelievably, flip flops – the most popular among women’s footwear- can be a worse shoe offender. Many people have turned this beach footwear to casual shoes which what makes it inappropriate. It must be mentioned that flip-flops are not designed for daily purpose but are only meant for pools and beaches.


Flip-flops turns into a problem when they are used everyday. Flip-flops do not have the needed arch support which makes them injurious to wearers. Other than that, women and ladies who wear flip-flops are prone to falling resulting to broken toes as well plantar fasciitis.


Heels. Perhaps, the most injurious of all footwear – the long, pointed heels. Heels come in varying sizes but doctors have affirmed that any heels that are higher than two inches can cause foot problem. Chronic use of heels can result to a foot condition called Achilles tendonitis where in tendons in the ankles are shortened. The ball of the foot also thins out due to pressure of heels. Similar to flip-flops, summon into mind to not use heels as casual footwear.


Pumps. Pumps can be injurious as heels – and do even more. Pumps not only can cause foot deformities but likewise inflammation of nerves between toes. Because it involves the nerves of toes, the result of chronic use of pumps can be very painful and burning. Nevertheless, only wear pumps when needed. Like heels, pumps should not be used every day.


Mules. One of the traditional footwear of women are mules. The problem with mules is they are backless which give no full foot support. Women wearing mules are susceptible to hammertoes which are characterized by deformed and bent toes. In addition, women and ladies are also prone to calluses and other breaks in the skin.


… so, what defines a healthy footwear? The healthiest footwear form of footwear is a well-designed athletic footwear. It must be cleared that the aforementioned shoe types are not illicit fashion items. Nevertheless, podiatrists reminded ladies and women not to wear stilettos or pumps with more than 1.5 heels, and choose footwear that has good arch support, wider toe box and good padding. After all, you will know if the footwear is right for you if you will not feel hurt or if you are not teetering on spiked heels.


The following are some general tips when selecting for shoes.

  • Know when to use shoes properly. Wear pumps and heels only during special occasion and not for occasional use.
  • Know the right size of your foot. Choose a roomy toe box.
  • Buy shoes at the end of the day. This is because feet tend to be at large at night.
  • There is no such thing as permanent foot size. Make sure to measure your foot frequently – experts advice is twice a year.
  • Make sure shoes are securely and snugly fit.

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