Reclaiming Your Body — The Mommy Makeover

Women are really incredible. When they get pregnant, their bodies house and grow new little people, and at birth, work hard to bring them into this world. Recovery is often long and difficult and with it comes long hours breastfeeding and loss of time for self-care. The raising of children is a lifelong sacrifice which has great implications for the mind and body. However, women should not have to forgo their own self-image to make way for nurturing their family. You should also watch your health and go to the gynecologist regularly of course. In addition, how you look and feel will most definitely affect you as well, so it should not be placed too low on the priority list. Doing both should be possible. Here are some newsworthy ways in which you can reclaim your body while still being a loving mom to your kids.

Exercise Together

Staying active together can be a great way to bond. This can be a sport, like soccer or running, or even going together to a fitness and health club. If your little ones are still too small to take the gym with you, try doing some simple exercises while at the playground with them or while they are in the yard. There’s a lot of “watching” involved in parenting, and no one said you have to be sitting still to be doing that well; start squatting or jumping rope!

Sign Up for a Class

For moms, having a fitness class that you are signed up for makes it more official and a greater commitment to yourself. It’s something you can talk about with your family beforehand, mentioning how you need time to clear your mind and move your body to be your best self for them. Now all that’s left to do is show up!

Start Cooking

With busy mom life it’s easy to hit the frozen meal section of the store or resort to take out a few times a week. Try as best as you can to limit this and instead make quick, easy meals that are healthier and will help you shed those few extra pounds that have been sitting around since pregnancy.

Tummy Tuck

With hard work and determination, you can get really far. But sometimes you can’t go any further, your body simply has changed. A tummy tuck helps moms reclaim the tummy that they once had before the sacrifices they made for their kids. This procedure will remove excess skin, tighten abdominal muscles, and reconstruction of the belly button. This way you are back to having an even playing field, because otherwise you’re fighting upwind! You don’t even have to take much time off — get tummy tuck in Montreal! Another treatment that you can try is the Emsculpt like the Emsculpt Neo in Fall River, MA to tone your body again. You can also check out the Chetco Medical and Aesthetics online page if you are interested on this innovative way to contour your body.

Motherhood is a beautiful gift that really has magical personal consequences. The body is so incredible to go through all it does, but a mommy’s body also needs the chance to properly rebound and become her own, rather than just a vessel for life for others.

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