What Teeth Whitening Kits Are Worst For You?

It’s an indisputable fact that there are plenty of options for any consumer out there looking to brighten their smile.  Most people are probably familiar with the most popular methods, strips and trays, but pens, toothpastes, floss, and chewing gums are also designed and marketed to whiten your teeth.

So here’s the deal:  you aren’t one of those people who has plenty of discretionary income so you’re going to go with an economical choice.  But you just want to make sure you’re not getting the worst option out there that you’ll regret later.  Keep reading because I’ve got some tips for you to consider.

Words from the Wise

According to UKsmiles.co.uk, a product that does not distribute an equal amount of solution too all of your teeth would be one of the worst options.  A safe rule of thumb is to look for something that can be applied uniformly so that all of your teeth turn out the same shade.  This is often accomplished when you’re able to choose the amount of solution you apply.

In some instances it’s wiser to save money with the generic brand, but this is not one of those.  I repeat: stay away from the generic brand for teeth whiteners.  Stick with the name brand because it will be safer and gentler on your teeth.  Well-known brands generally comply with FDA standards.

Another suggestion:  the higher the concentration of peroxide the more effective the product.  Over-the-counter products will generally have about 7% peroxide; note that the dentist uses a solution with up to 45% peroxide.  So the lower the concentration, the less effective the whitener.

So we’ve gone over what makes a whitening kit a poor choice, now let’s talk about what you can do that will make any whitening kit a bad choice.


Ironically, excessively using the product you select will not help brighten your smile.  In fact the opposite is true:  using it more than directed could actually do more harm than good.  You could end up with uneven whitening, hints of blue or gray, or translucent teeth by overusing the product.  And unfortunately the damage could be unfixable.

Besides being detrimental to the appearance of your tooth enamel, overuse can also result in tooth and gum sensitivity.  This is especially true if you are using a more potent option.

Dental Work

Regardless of what product you chose, you will almost never be happy with the result if you’ve had certain dental work done such as bonding, veneers, gum disease, implants, fillings, or crowns.  In general, whitening kits are only designed for natural teeth.

Why is this?  Whitening makes dental work stand out.  The teeth which have been worked on are resistant to bleach so they will be a different shade then your natural teeth.  Unfortunately, you’d end up with teeth of all shades.

And if you have gum disease, the whitening solution will aggravate the condition causing extra pain.  Furthermore, it could speed up the process of gum decline.  All are certainly situations we want to avoid so if you’ve had dental work done before, talk to your dentist about an alternative way to whiten your teeth besides store-bought kits.

By Jessica Christensen

Veneers.  Braces.  Finding orthodontists in Utah.  Best teeth whitening products.  All are topics you’ve likely wondered about before and all are topics Jessica has written about before.  Although she is not confined to these subjects, in fact she’s tackled others such as wedding planning, do-it-yourself projects, and financial advice, this writer has been writing about dentistry for a while now.  You’re welcome to follow her on Google + to read more.

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