Natural Ways on How to Make your Under Eye Skin Hydrated and Fresh

Eye bags, dark circles and puffy eyes are the most common under-eye skin problems. While these can be happening to most of us, these under- eye flaws makes our skin look dull and dehydrated. Let’s find out the natural ways on how make your under-eye skin hydrated and fresh.


Puffy Eyes

Causes: Allergies, sinus infection, colds, salty foods, crying

The reason behind morning-after puffy eyes all lies in the process called osmosis. This is when the water in our eyes travels from the area with low salt concentration to area where there is more salt.


Quick Fixes:

  • Take antibiotics if infection is the cause. There are many anti-allergy drugs available over the counter to treat infection; say, sinus infection. You can  go and see an ent surgeon to advice you about your sinus .
  • Sleep on back. Side sleepers tend to have puffy eyes on the side they sleep on due to gravity.
  • Keep under-eye skin hydrated and fresh by not rubbing the area and not sleeping with make-up.
  • Do not drink alcohol. Alcohol causes fluids to pool resulting to puffy eyes. Note: Under-eye skin is sensitive and delicate.


Dark Circles

Cause: Most dark circles and eye bags are hereditary in nature which means they are likely permanent. Dark circles are also pretty normal in people with Asian and African descent. Age can also be a culprit of dark circles since the skin under the eyes tends to thin over time. According to dermatology experts, most dark circles are not caused by hypopigmentation or loss of color in the skin on the area; rather, they are normally caused by the loss of volume. When this occurs, the skin around the orbital bone gets thin which explains the hollow circles around the eye.


Quick Fixes:

  • Make use of concealer that matches your skin tone.
  • Avoid rubbing the skin under your eyes.
  • Wear sunglasses in outdoors.
  • Protect under-eyes using moisturizers and sunscreen.
  • Modify diet. Avoid salty foods; eat foods rich in folic acids and fatty acids, instead.
  • Reduce stress.
  • Sleep early.


The following are the natural ways to keep under-eye skin hydrated and fresh.

  • Do not smoke. Smoking weakens skin’s collagen. The same goes for alcohol which thins under-eye skin and makes dark circles more apparent.
  • Apply moisturizers day and night. Moisturizers keep hydrate skin.
  • Consider retinoic acid. Retinoic acid benefits skin by clearing fine wrinkles and lines.
  • Reduce under-eye puffiness by placing cooled tea bags, cold spoons and cucumbers.
  • Get enough sleep. Sleep does not only regenerate skin but also keep the skin bright.
  • Drink sufficient amount of water. This helps tone and hydrate skin.
  • Watch out your diet. Cut back on salt.
  • Wear sunglasses, or at least wear hat to protect your eye skin from bright sun.
  • When applying make-up, put them gently on the skin. Do not pull or drag skin.

Sarah del Rosario is a lifestyle and health blogger from The Thrifty Senyorita. She currently collaborates with in sharing yoga information.

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