Keeping Informed of Issues in Health Online

As the internet is an incredibly useful tool for research and keeping up to date with the new and advanced in your industry. Health care workers can benefit from a wide range of quality assured websites that will help you maintain your knowledge and update your PDP.

Many of us do not use the internet to its full potential on a daily basis. In school we are told to be wary of internet sources as they may not be accurate or verified and this information seems to stick with use as we get older so that we don’t necessarily trust anything we read.

The reality is, however, that not all information is on blog sites or able to be edited by any passing surfer and quality assurance in healthcare is taken seriously. This being the case, if your health board or governing body has assured a website, you should feel safe using it. The wealth of content and breadth of services available is astonishing and you can achieve everything from keeping up to date on the latest cardiac surgery techniques to booking first aid courses for your staff.



Undertaking research online can be daunting for some but rest assured that there are verified and trusted websites from which you can learn myriad things. You should have a list of websites whose content has been checked and verified by an information governance team, allowing you to take the dubiety out of quoting from or learning sources.

Whether you are researching for a paper or undertaking work to find the latest techniques, you will find what you are looking for on the internet. Many teaching hospitals and health organisations around the world have websites upon which they publish their latest techniques and advances so it is easy to find the information you need.

Continuous Professional Development

In healthcare, keeping up to date is vital and the ability to access the latest information, journal articles and exciting new breakthroughs all at the click of a button makes Continuous Professional Development so much simpler. Take advantage of what is available and keep yourself up to date in your specialty using easy to navigate sites that are already quality assured for you.

In addition to keeping up to date through reading, it is also possible to book a myriad of courses online that will allow you to take your learning that one step further. Conferences are also generally organised through websites now as well and booking spaces on these is simple. Take your CPD seriously, as it has never been easier to access what you need.

The internet has spawned a new age of information sharing that should be taken advantage of in every industry but especially in healthcare where information is vital. Dive in and see what’s available, learn about upcoming events and book your staff’s next first aid courses online. You will be surprised at how easy it all is.

Sue Hopkins is retired from the health services but is a consulting manager for a number of health publications. She writes on various aspects of this for a number of websites and blogs and has used a number of sites for research here, including St John’s Ambulance. To Know more click here.

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