How to help yourself to conquer drug addiction

It seems like an impossible hurdle for the addict to contemplate a drug-free existence, but the fact that so many people do manage to conquer their drugs habit shows that it is achievable. Help yourself with the following tips.

Accept the problem and commit to change if you want to succeed with alcohol and drug rehab.
Denial plays a huge part in the addict’s continuing use of drugs, whether that drug be crack cocaine, heroin, marijuana or prescription drugs (which is an increasingly common problem these days) or help with alcohol withdrawal. Once you have accepted that drug use is a negative force in your life and acknowledged the desire to change your behaviour, then the process of recovery is already underway. There are websites like that have experts that can help start afresh.

Surround yourself with supportive people, said a recovery coaching expert. Close friends and family will undoubtedly go out of their way to assist you in the process of conquering your addiction. Your drug use may have alienated many people close to you, but other people will be keenly aware of how much your behaviour has been influenced by your drug use. Generally, good friends and family are extremely forgiving and will provide emotional support as you go through the process of drug detox and subsequent recovery.

Avoid negative influences.
Arguably one of the most important pieces of advice and vital to any drug addict’s recovery, you must steer well clear of anything associated with your former drug use. Known as ‘triggers’ these include:






Distraction techniques such as meditation, physical exercise or taking up a hobby can help to deflect the initial cravings and will prevent a build up of negative emotions which may otherwise lead to self-destructive behaviour such as the resumption of former drug taking habits.

Join some sort of counselling or support group.
There is plenty of support available to support recovery from drug addiction and it comes in all types, including:

group therapy

one-to-one counselling


SMART Recovery

12 Step Program

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Support can make the difference between a recovering addict giving in to an unexpected craving and being able to cope with the desire and move forward regardless. A substance abuse treatment should be offered to people who have developed dependency on certain substances or medication, but it should not be coerced.

The variety of therapies on offer means that there is bound to be an effective solution to every addict wishing to conquer his or her addiction. It is important to explore thoroughly the reasons for the addiction in order to deal with them effectively. Strategies can then be created and put in place to deal with moments of crisis and prevent a recurrence of the behavior.

Contemplating undergoing a drug detox program can seem a daunting prospect, but the decision to come clean about your addiction and the effect which it is having on your own life and those close to you is the hardest part. Once you have accepted that you need to change, you will find that there is huge support out there to help you achieve your goal.

Chris Wilkinson writes regularly on health and wellbeing for a range of websites and blogs. Chris has personal experience of the destructive power of drug addiction within a family and understands the difficulties that can be faced from going it alone. There are helpful articles and links offering further information at, which is a good starting point for addicts seeking help for a variety addictions, including drugs.

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