Forever Sweet 16: Unleashing the Beauty from Within

They say that real beauty comes from within, but let’s admit it—values are not just what make us beautiful. Otherwise, we do not need to bow down on all of those beauty products. This is primarily because the society dictates that for us to be more appreciated by others, we have to exert efforts to maintain our young and glowing skin. You can also see more at Touch Up Laser blog and learn about reducing the effects of ageing skin.

Although this reality is sad since the world of cosmology is now continuously caving into our lives, there are still many ways for us to make sure that we can take care of ourselves even without spending excessively for buttocks, tummy tuck and other surgical procedures. Nature has provided us with armours against skin ageing, and all we have to do is take the right amount of vitamins and minerals which can aid us on our path towards our search for the fountain of youth.

The Power Within

It is true that happiness radiates from within as happy people definitely look younger and more beautiful, but aside from living a stress-free life, collagen helps us in fighting against external factors that make us look older than we really are. At the early stages of our lives, we are supplied with enormous loads of collagen and that’s why our skin looks fair and bright. However, when we hit 25, the amount of collagen in our body decreases, and factors like sun exposure, habitual smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages and other pollutants greatly affect the ageing of our skin.

Life with Lowered Collagen

Since we do not have enough collagen that can suffice our anti-ageing needs, the tendency is that we are more exposed to risks of having wrinkles, blemishes, sagging skin, skin discolouration and sun spots. These are anathemas for both men and women as these are indicators of how fast we age.

Natural Sources of Collagen

Lysine and proline are needed to form amino acids essential for the formation of collagen. These can be found in foods rich in protein such as fish, chicken and lean meats, you can consider buy vegan protein powder amazon, whether you’re looking for whey or plant-based protein, a flavored or natural variety, there are many organic options to suit your individual needs. Also, egg whites can be used as a natural facial mask since it is protein-rich and it can eliminate the occurrence of wrinkles. Sugar, can also be added as a natural scrub for your skin. A top benefit of using an organic facial is that it’s gentler on your skin than a regular facial.

Aside from the two former substances, Vitamin C acts as antioxidants that are extremely harmful for the collagen in our body. Aside from fruits that are traditionally accepted as rich sources of Vitamin C, rose hip extract also has an abundant amount of Vitamin C.

Collagen in a Bottle

There are many products out in the market that claim to have a rich supply of collagen, and one that I can truly recommend is IVI Premium Collagen Drink. This drink contains a huge amount of collagen and it helps in boosting collagen production. Also, it prevents the damage of collagen in the body and tries to renew damaged collagen. Not only does it help eliminate wrinkles, but it also promises to improve skin elasticity. This powder drink can be mixed with water or any beverages, and it is tasteless.

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