Obesity: The Root, the Fruit, and the Insecticide

The world is consistently changing and the rise of the new age stipulated new wants and demands. However, even though these changes have brought about advantages to the way we live, it can never be denied that there are detrimental effects of these ever-changing trends, not only to adults but to children as well. Our generation is flooded with diseases that once were never present.

Over the years, there is a rise in people who are having problems psychologically and there are various factors behind this. Many children and teenagers, for instance, face eating disorders that cause destruction in their holistic health, and it is essential that we know all the causes and effects of this disturbing trend for I truly believe that to address a certain problem, one must first know the root cause in order to provide the right treatment options for eating disorders. Monte Nido RainRock is a residential eating disorder treatment center.

Techie Us

The shift on the lifestyle of people in many developed countries has greatly affected individuals in certain societies. One of the effects of this alteration is the decreased level of physical activities among children nowadays. This is due to the invention of many technological devices which awaken the interests of young people. This is a major cause of children becoming overweight.

What’s Trending?

Media also plays a crucial role in a child’s life. Advertisements of fast food chains which cater unhealthy foods influence the perception of children on what is appealing to their taste and what is not. These commodities are not only expensive, but they also pose more risk for children to become overweight or obese.

What Does the Future Hold?

The rise in the number of overweight children is troubling for it will result in the decline in the life expectancy of people. Aside from the difficulty in treating certain diseases which are already present in distinct regions, the risk for different diseases to continuously arise cannot be put aside. If this happens, future generations will face bigger health problems.

Obesity – A Societal Struggle

In addition, children who are overweight and obese are usually the ones being bullied in schools. This will affect a child’s growth and development for it may cause a child to either have low self-esteem or to act violently when he/she grows old. This may possibly contribute to a country’s social problems.

Prevention: Parental Guidance and Academies

Although these risks may be present in a society with an inclined number of overweight children, the causes of this problem may nevertheless be prevented. Through appropriate guidance, the youth of today could be healthier physically and mentally. Even if advertisements play a significant role in each person’s life, the parents should take a stronger part in the restriction on the type of food children eat.

Aside from this, every school must encourage physical activities. Through this action, children will find delight in playing sports since they are going to do it with their colleagues.

Even though being overweight has been a common societal struggle, people must be willing to welcome habitual change to pave the way to a brighter, healthier nation. Change can be hard to accept, but resistance to it will only cause restraints to the development of individuals.

Sarah del Rosario is a lifestyle and business blogger. She is currently collaborating with ellernmede.org, one of the leading providers of information for eating disorders.

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