Natural Ways to Ease the Discomfort of Sunburn

We all know it is a very bad idea to get sunburnt. It is a significant factor in increasing your risk of skin cancer, it ages your skin prematurely, and of course, it is also ugly and painful. The best thing to do is of course avoid it, by staying out of the sun during the hottest part of the day, covering up with things like a hat, and a loose cool cover like a kimono cardigan, and a level of sunscreen appropriate for your skin type. However, should the worst happen and you end up with sunburn, however severe, there are some natural remedies you can prepare yourself that will ease the pain, and you don’t need a bunch of obscure ingredients to make them! Here are a few ways you can treat your own sunburn:


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Got some milk in the fridge? Apply cool milk to the parts of your skin that are sunburnt. It creates a protective film of protein which can really ease the pain and discomfort. Use milk that is below room temperature but not fully chilled from the fridge, and use a clean face cloth to gently dab it on the skin. This tip is of course completely safe for any part of the body, and for children, because it just uses milk!


So far, these may sound like the ingredients for an English cup of tea, but as well as milk, you can also use freshly brewed black tea on your skin when you have been burnt by the sun. Brew the tea normally and leave it to cool (again, you want it cool but not cold, so don’t use iced tea), and use a clean cloth to apply it to your burnt areas. Tea soothes sunburn because the tannins in it draw out the heat, and the tea will also help correct the pH balance of your skin to promote healing.


If your sunburn has reached the itchy, flaky stage where you can’t leave it alone, a bath with oatmeal added to it can soothe itching and give you some relief. If your skin still feels hot to the touch, make sure you use a cool bath rather than your usual bath temperature, as this will also be soothing for the affected skin. If only your face is burnt, you can also try using an oatmeal mask for the same anti-itching effects.


Cucumbers can have a cooling effect on the skin, and are also good antioxidants and a natural analgesic. You can use chilled cucumber slices on your skin, or alternatively, stick whole cucumbers in a blender and make a cucumber smoothie – not to drink but to apply to your sunburn as a paste.

These are some of the things you may have in your home already, or can pick up at the grocery store easily, which can be used to help remedy the pain, heat and itching of sunburn, as well as to promote faster and better healing.

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