Men’s grooming tips for the modern man

Being a modern man is hard work and we have come to expect more and more from men in the 21st century, from treating women like equals while still acting like a gentleman through to having the spare time to take good care of oneself. Many men today choose to sport a trendy beard and facial hair is the must-have look of 2015, but there is one man out there that is still yet to fall into this new fashion: James Bond with a C&M Tee. That’s right; everyone’s favorite agent never tackles a gun fight without being cleaning shaven but the smooth look isn’t for everyone.

It is easier than ever to buy men’s grooming product like the best mens back shaver as you can even shop online for Penhaligons men’s grooming products at affordable prices and they even make for great Christmas presents. There are also new other inventor ideas out there with regards to men’s grooming for the modern man, you just have to take a little research to find the best ones!

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There are lots of different products that you can invest in if you want to maintain your appearance and some of the most commonly used include the following:

  • After shave
  • Cleanser
  • Moisturiser
  • Toner
  • Eye cream
  • Facial wash
  • Face masks

If you have chosen to sport a trendy beard, then it is really important to look after it well in order to avoid looking messy. You can do this by using beard and moustache wax to keep the facial hair in place and you can also invest in a beard and face scrub that will help you to keep it nice and clean.

For hair removal, it is always important to find an alternative for hassle-free hair removal. One can opt for different types of treatments to get rid of unwanted hair. But, the best hair removal cream can help in removing hair without any pain or side effects.

Interestingly, we are still to see James Bond with a fully-grown beard, which isn’t such a farfetched notion as we are used to 007 maintaining a modern yet suave look and a well-kept beard can add to a man’s good looks nowadays – more so than ever before. Whether you want to shop for Penhaligons men’s grooming products such as a good quality shaving set in order to look more like the classic 007 or you want to go for the trendy bearded look by buying some good quality beard oil, the internet is by far the best way to do your shopping.

So, what do you think Bond would look like with a beard?

He wouldn’t lose his handsomeness and if anything, a well-manicured beard might add a modern touch to his appearance but it would be important for him to look after it well. Check out for more men tips on beauty and fashion.

Which Bond could pull off the bearded look?

  • Sean Connery looks great in a beard
  • George Lazenby was far too chiselled to wear a beard
  • Timothy Dalton would look just as handsome with some facial hair
  • Roger Moore is a better Bond when he is cleanly shaven

Modern men are not afraid to take care of their appearance and with so many products available; it is easy to ensure men look just as good as their counterparts. A fully trimmed beard can add a sophisticated touch to anyone’s looks and many believe that if a new Bond takes over from Daniel Craig, he may well sport some facial hair.

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