Are Non-Surgical Facelifts Better Than Surgical Facelifts

Non-surgical facelifts have become very popular today as compared to surgical facelifts. These non-surgical procedures are numerous and varied and offer various strategies to reverse the effects of aging on your skin without resorting to surgery. These techniques will help tighten and freshen your skin, making it look more youthful and natural looking.

Non- surgical facelifts are gentler and will allow you to age more gracefully, leading to a more youthful appearance, without experiencing the negative effects of surgical facelifts.

Are Non-Surgical Facelifts better?

This is a very pertinent question and many people would like to know the answer. You need to consider how the two procedures are done as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Non-surgical facelifts are relatively safe when compared to surgical facelifts. There are also non-invasive, meaning that it does not involve any surgery. It involves several different procedures such as laser treatments; use of radio frequencies, as well as injecting fillers such as Botox, Juvederm, or Restylane. These procedures are suitable for people who show early signs of aging.

A surgical facelift is considered the only way to address multiple signs of aging simultaneously, and its results are more permanent. People who are aged between 50 and 60 years old tend to age at a slower rate if they have had non-surgical facelifts. A cosmetic surgery for people with saggy skin, facial crises, or redistributed fat pockets on their faces. Facelift Santa Barbara is one of the most popular procedures performed by Dr. Robert W. Sheffield of SB Aesthetics Facial Plastic Surgery in Santa Barbara, CA.

A surgical facelift involves making an incision on your temple which goes all the way to the natural curve of your ear, behind it, and then right down into the nape of your neck. Your cosmetic surgeon will then peel your skin and pull the deeper layer of muscle and tissues beneath. After finishing this procedure, the surgeon will remove the excess skin, thereby reducing your wrinkles.

This in turn will make your face appear youthful. Surgical facelifts are very invasive procedures and therefore, it is very important to look for a well trained and experienced surgeon. Cosmetic surgery in Northern Ireland has some of the best statistics when it comes to successful procedures due to their highly skilled surgeons.


  • Non-surgical facelifts

Non-surgical facelifts come in several different forms: Fillers are suitable for addressing moderate signs of aging, including loss of volume in your face and sun damage; a laser treatment is suitable for removing spots from your face and enhancing complexion, while toxins paralyze the facial muscles so that they do not form wrinkles. In addition, fillers help fill the face lines and creases. The results from these procedures are not permanent.

  • Surgical facelift

This procedure is suitable for people aged 50 and above. They provide long term results and patients tend to age slowly from the day they have it. It makes people look 10 years younger. Additionally, it helps reduce deep creases on your face, leading to smooth skin. Essentially, wrinkles and sagging cannot be removed by laser treatments or Botox after you hit 40; it is only surgical facelifts that can help people get the results that they desire.


  • Surgical facelifts

The scar resulting from this procedure can take up to six months to completely heal. Since it is an invasive procedure a wrong move by your surgeon can cause damage to your face. There is also a high chance of getting an infection after the surgery and sometimes it can lead to paralysis of the face or even disfigurement. However, if you are careful while choosing your surgeon, most of these problems will not happen. In addition, this procedure is very expensive when compared to a non-surgical facelift.

  • Non-surgical facelifts

These procedures involve injecting fillers in order to plump up the skin. These fillers can sometimes block the blood vessels, causing paralysis of your face due to non-circulation of blood. Fillers can also cause blindness if they block a vein when the liquid is injected in a bid to eliminate crow’s feet around the eyes of a patient.

These procedures provide short term results and require constant maintenance in order to keep the skin looking youthful all the time. They also tend to cause permanent scars as well as swelling and the need to re-do them over and over again. To add to this, radiation resulting from laser treatments may cause damage to the muscles and tissues. This means that it is essential to have a discussion with your surgeon before undergoing these procedures in order to be well informed about the benefits and risks associated with them.

Taking into consideration all the risks and benefits associated with these two procedures, it is not easy to say which of them is the best course of action to take. The choice will clearly depend on the patient’s needs and expectations. Consulting an experienced, trustful, and well trained surgeon will help you make the right choice.

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