Alzheimer’s, Patience and Perseverance

Alzheimer’s—a disease one could never fathom to have. Over the years, an increasing number of people, especially the elderly, has been recorded and this has been a cause of alarm of many nations. The early phases of Alzheimer’s will not really cause an individual to not perform his/her duties, but as the disease progresses, it can cause frustration to the part of both the carers and the patient, that’s why it would be a good idea to get some sort of memory care or even In Home Hospice Care for the individual.

Aside from love, empathy and compassion, there are many ways that one can care for a patient with Alzheimer’s without attracting too much fuzz. Yes, anyone who has been given this ailment may be flustered at first, but we must always remember that the weight of a certain situation can only be heavier or lighter depending on the way we think about it. A lot of strategies can be implemented for health care providers like oxford home healthcare to assure that caring for these elderly would not be problematic for both them and their patients.

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A Home—Not a House

  • Establish Rapport: Getting the trust of patients should be the primary concern when caring. Patients with Alzheimer’s usually get frustrated whenever they are presented with something they are not familiar with, so it is important to take your time in knowing the patients and building a relationship bonded with trust.
  • The Power of Scheduling: You must always avoid confusing the patients so that they would not be agitated. Since they easily get frustrated whenever they are given tasks which they cannot easily complete or they find difficult, you should always consider schedule since it lets them know what to expect. Their schedule must be routinary and their tasks should also be those that they can successfully complete.
  • Be Patient: Caring is not an easy job and it is important that carers develop patience and understand that the patients are going through a difficult time. There are many adjustments that have to be considered and aside from this, giving the patients more time to complete their tasks is also very crucial. Therefore, memory care living is the best option for patients who are suffering with this.
  • Simplicity is Beauty: A carer should understand that the comprehension of these patients is not as well as before, and this is why when giving instructions, they must consider simplicity. Patience is also needed in such since you have to explain everything one at a time.
  • Options, Options, Options: The decision-making skills of these patients are highly compromised, and you have to consider that you should never do anything that may trigger their anxiety. This means that when giving out options, you have to make sure that they are given limited ones. This promotes independence while applying wariness. It’s best to put them in a memory care community who can help them with their needs. You may visit sites like to get an idea.
  • Promote Independence: Not because these patients have Alzheimer’s, it already means that they cannot function independently. The goal here is to make their lives more convenient, and not to make them feel that they are not capable of doing anything. When caring for these patients, you have to make sure that they are included in tasks or activities where they can perform and mingle with other patients. This way, you would not only be able to raise independence, but you are also able to hone their social skills. You can look for an assisted living community that can take care of seniors with Dementia or Alzheimer’s. Check out sites like or click here to know more about senior communities.

Visit to see how they care for their patients at their community and get an idea.

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