5 Health Benefits of Honey

How many of you wish to live a long healthy life? I guess, all! But it’s bitter truth that not everyone lives a healthy life. So, a pity question that arises here is- how can one enure a long healthy life? The answer is- by including right food stuff in diet. Of course, in order to make it happen, you need to have knowledge of health benefits of that particular food. By having so, you can easily decide that whether or not you should add any particular food in your diet.


For all those out of you who are looking for the health benefits of honey, let me tell you that you have landed on the right page. I am here with the health benefits of honey. Do read out them below.

Prevent Cancer

Cancer is one of the biggest challenge for the doctors. This dangerous disease becomes reason of end of life of many every year. Especially, people living in high industrial areas got victim of cancer. Researches conducted from time to time give the proof that honey prevents cancer but is a brain cancer treatment?. A popular saying is that it’s better to be safe than sorry. By regular use of honey, you can give practical form to that saying. Honey contains flavonoids, antioxidants which has been found effective against some kind of cancers.

Reduce Ulcers, and is Anti-bacterial

Use of honey can reduce ulcers. This is also a well-proved fact. Researches show that use of honey in appropriate amount can reduce ulcers and can keep you away from them. Not only this, but honey is anti-bacterial as well. It adds up one more health benefit of this oldest sweetener on the earth. As per Peter Molan, director of the Honey Research Unit at the University of Waikato, the intake of honey results in adding up an enzyme which makes hydrogen peroxide. It makes honey anti-bacterial.



Reduce cough

Yes, if you have cough, then nothing is better than honey for you. Especially the buckwheat honey has been found effective in reducing cough and in giving rest from this common disease. The research was conducted with 110 children. They were having cough. The study revealed that one dose of buckwheat honey was more effective than single dose of dextromethorphan.

Blood Sugar Regulation

Most of people think that honey is nothing but a sweetener like white sugar. All such people don’t know that honey contains fructose and glucose. This makes honey effective in regulating blood sugar. Not all types of honey are effective in it, but mostly are. Scientifically, honeys with low hypoglycemic index are not effective in regulating blood sugar.

Beautiful Skin

As already said, honey has anti-bacterial properties, which makes it good for skin. Use of honey with other ingredients makes it moisturizing and nourishing. You can create a good face cream using honey, and if you use this home-made cream daily, you can have shining and attractive skin. Regular use can give you better results and quickly.

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