40 Going On 14: The Anti-Hair-Aging Formula

Anti aging– when you hear this word, the first thing that will pop into your head is our skin. Today, people are more focused on taking care of our skin. It is a common notion that we must take care of our skin as early as now to prevent it from declining as the years go by. As a a result, we buy creams, sunblock with SPF and serums as preventative measures to our skin’s decline. However, there is one thing that we are neglecting too. We are too focused on maintaining our skin that we fail to notice that our hair and scalp needs to have the same attention too.

imagesWhen we grow old, we produce less and less keratin. This is a substance that provides strength and nutrition to our hair. In the event that the hair will not be able to get the amount of keratin that it needs, it will become dry and brittle, which may lead to the common hair aging problems that most women have today. Because of this, we must ensure that the hair is getting the keratin that it most needs no matter how old we already are.

With this in mind, I would like to share with you some amazing tips on how to prevent hair from aging and how you can maintain your hair’s health and vigor.  Say goodbye to thinning and weak hair strands and take a look at my anti-aging hair formula below.

– Moisture. According to hair experts, the most common cause of hair aging is frequent hair styling with the use of heat. This is due to the hair dryer, curling and straightening iron that most ladies have at home. Heat does not only deplete keratin from hair, it also zaps out moisture too. With moisture, hair can easily develop minerals and will give hair the strength it needs to prevent free radicals. Aside from daily hair conditioning, new hair treatment innovations can actually help moisturize and bring back the hair’s natural glow.

– Less stress. As we all know, stress is the main culprit for acne but did you know that stress can have a negative impact on our hair too? Most people that have lifeless and damp hair are stressed out. When we are stressed out, our body tends to produce the hormones called adrenaline which will cause some of your hair strands to fall out. If you are feeling a bit stressed out, try relaxing activities such as yoga.

– Nutrients. It has been said that the nutrients that our hair gets are just left overs. This is because our hair is the last destination of nutrients that we take in. Because of this, we must ensure that we will be eating the right amount of nutrients to ensure that the hair will get what it needs. Have a balanced diet which contains zinc, iron, antioxidants and protein. In addition to that, it is best that we take supplements that will provide our hair with the nutrients to combat hair thinning.

–  Professional advice. In the event that you have noticed an enormous amount of hair strands on your pillow, comb or bed, it is about time that you talk to an expert dermatologist.

Try this hair anti-aging formula of mine and your hair will surely thank you!

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Sarah del Rosario is a beauty and health blogger. Aside from writing, she is also fond of painting and DIY crafts. She currently partners with Hair Booth, one the the trusted online shops of L’oreal products.

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